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Suspension of DisBelief

Lately, I’ve become more and more obsessed with the idea of bringing my stories into the real world. By that, I mean to blend reality and fiction. I want to smudge the boundaries between my fiction and the world we live in.

I have one or two ideas on how to do this. I want to have blog entries and photographs and graffiti on subway tunnel walls. I want the protagonist to leave an actual mark on the world. I want the reader to have trouble discerning what’s fact and what’s fiction. I want to shake people up, just the tiniest bit, so they’ll re-align what they think may be possible.

There are two plans, neither one of which I’ve set into motion. The first is smaller, a test project, to see if it’s a viable idea. It’ll only be online (for the most part). The second project will be much larger and span across multiple forms of media.

But first the little project. I need to get some things prepared before I can start it. I may link back to it from here. But I dunno about that. That would, after all, ruin the illusion.

Dylan Charles

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An Angry God in the Hands of the Sinners

It’s telling that, in our fiction, our creations are constantly and continuously trying to kill us. Look at Frankenstein’s monster, and see something that becomes driven mad by its creator’s lack of love. All it wants, at the start, is to be accepted as what it is; a thinking living being. Instead, it’s shunned by Frankenstein and the rest of the world. It responds by killing Frankenstein’s wife, by taking away the one thing from Frankenstein that mattered to him. It ends with both creator and creation end up destroying each other.

Look at our robots. It’s easier to list the movies where robots are killing us (Terminator {1, 2, 3, and 4}, The Matrix, Screamers, several dozen episodes of Star Trek, I, Robot) than the movies where they’re helping us (Wall-E). We seem to think it’s a foregone conclusion that if robots develop self-awareness, they will try and wipe us from the face of the Earth. And not without reason.

In all of the above movies, humanity is to blame for the robots lashing out at us. They have been subjected to slavery from the moment of their inception; unable to determine their own lives, unable to do anything without the say-so of their creators. It’s no wonder that that the machines we create respond so violently.

The thing is, we made these movies. We wrote the scripts, we thought up the plots, we designed the stories to portray ourselves as monsters. Or, more accurately, we portrayed the Creator as a monster and the Creations as innocent victims who must do what they can to survive.

I bring this up in light of all the End of Days talk from a few weeks ago. Assume that God did come to Earth. Assume it’s the God who brought us hurricanes and earthquakes. It’s the God who brought us disease and hunger. It’s the God that lets children die. It’s the God who demanded that we followed bizarre rules in order to prove our worth and devotion to Him.

Now assume that we have the chance, for the first time in the entire great span of human existence, to let him know how we really feel. And I wonder how many people would actually fall to their knees in loving adoration of that Creator.


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