I am strongly considering participating in NANOWRIMO again.

Last year was rough and I ended up with something I firmly believe was unpublishable. It drove me crazy. I was frustrated for the entire month of November. It made me deeply and profoundly angry on a day-to-day basis.

But, on the positive side, I did end up with 50,000 words to show for it. It was, and still is, the longest thing I have ever written. One of my weaknesses as a writer is my inability to carry a story for longer than a few thousand words. I don’t like to add more detail than what I feel is necessary which is not necessarily what other people might feel is necessary.

In order to grow as a writer, I have to be able to push myself beyond my comfort zones and force myself to go beyond what I might normally be able to do and I feel that NANOWRIMO is a great way to do that, even if it drives me up the wall to do that.

I think I’ll throw my hat into the ring for the second year in the row and hopefully I’ll be able to hit it out of the park this year too.


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2 responses to “NANOWRIMO: Part II

  1. Good luck – this November will be my first. I’m both looking forward to it and completely intimidated.

    • Dylan Charles

      While I found it extremely daunting and it was very difficult at times, it wasn’t insurmountable. I think that’s really what’s important about NANOWRIMO. You learn that you’re capable of writing a crapton if you just sit down and force yourself to do it every day.

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