Good Horror Needs Your Help

One of my favorite webcomics is Broodhollow, written and drawn by Kris Straub (Starslip, Chainsawsuit, Checkerboard Nightmare). It follows Wadsworth Zane, a strange little guy with a couple of complexes who arrives in the small town of Broodhollow where he is thrown into a mystery that surrounds, involves and has embedded itself into Broodshollow and its inhabitants. He, along with Doctor Angstrom and Iris Bellweather, are slowly working out just what’s going wrong with the town, while being hampered and helped by the other locals.

I truly care about Wadsworth and his friends Dr. Angstrom and Iris Bellwether, which makes it all the more nervewracking when the lights go out and the things that haunt the town come out of hiding. When Broodhollow delves into horror, it is creepy, unsettling and truly scary, mainly because of the fact that you care about the characters and you want to keep them safe.

It is a gorgeously colored comic, with simple, but expressive lines. Mr. Straub uses the art well to show the two different sides of the town. When things begin to wrong, it is readily apparent. The art takes a more sinister turn, with the lighting, shading and coloring becoming more appropriate for the subject matter. He does a very a good job of differentiating the style without going too far and breaking the continuity.

The first piece of the story is completed and Mr. Straub is looking to publish a book that collects the first year of comics. He’s doing it the same way a lot of independent artists and creators are nowadays; by creating a Kickstarter. I humbly request that you go and check out Broodhollow and then check out the Kickstarter and then donate some money.

Now, as I’ve mentioned many times here, there is not a lot of good horror in the world. Those few movies and books that truly scare are few and far between, especially now in an era where gore and torture are more prominent and story and characters are secondary (though that’s a trend that’s starting to dwindle). And there are almost no webcomics (that I know of) that truly succeed at being both funny and scary at the same time. If you truly enjoy horror, in all its forms, it’s important to support Broodhollow.

Donate a little something to support an artist that’s doing a damn fine job at scaring the shit out of his readers.

I have.



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  1. LS

    hmm, checkin it out

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