Learning a Craft

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone out of my way to learn something new, unless it was for a job.

Today, Emily and I took a glass making class. I made birds and beads and bugs. I used muscles I have never used before. I was more focused on a single thing than I have been in months. There was an intensity there that I haven’t experienced since….I don’t know when.

There is an excitement in learning, an energy to be found, and I had forgotten it.

It’s something I want to continue. I want to learn more. Experience more. I want to step out more and see…more.

Life is about experience, about learning, about seeing new things.

And I feel like I’m making progress, in baby steps, to that.


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2 responses to “Learning a Craft

  1. When you were sketching naked women and men, I guess you were too distracted to sketch with intensity. It’s nice to know you’re having fun–learning outside of school can be amazing.

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