No More Excuses

Yesterday was the first day that the excuses started.

“It’s the night of the election. No-one would begrudge you taking the night off from writing to watch the election!”

“You’re a day ahead, you don’t need to write today. You can just start writing again tomorrow. It’ll be fine!”

“What’s just one day?”

The excuses trickle in and they’re insidious. They work their wiles and they chatter incessantly and brow beat you and use honeyed words. They do everything they can to just get you to back down from whatever it is you’re trying to do.

And you have to, have to, ignore them. There’s no compromising. There’s no saying, “Well, maybe just this one night won’t hurt.”

You back down once and the excuses will be that much stronger the next night. They take any approach. You’re too tired. You got so many other things done today. It was just such a bad day, you just need to treat yourself to some down time.



Absolutely not.

We cannot be consumed by our petty excuses anymore. Today is the day that we stand up and say, we will not go quietly into the night. We will not finish without a fight. We’re going to write on. Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

From excuses. Our independence from excuses.

(music swells)


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One response to “No More Excuses

  1. Hi there! My name is Anna and I’m doing NaNoWriMo too…I found your blog searching for others to share my pain. You’re right in that it’s so, so easy to find reasons not to write. Writing is hard. I have a lot of reasons not to write right now. Some are more valid than others. One is that I really need to be studying for an exam that I paid $80 to take on Saturday. That’s…fairly valid, but I still need to write some more after that. Another is that my hand is killing me from writing, earlier. A reason to take a break, but not to stop. Another is that I have no idea what to write. Well, figure it out. It’s hard to actually do these these things, but it’s good to be in the mindset that says you should.

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